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Of course it was another year of developing serious games and experiences, it’s also been a year of taking a step back to re-evaluate and focus on building our business for the future. We even upgraded our office in Salisbury and have taken on our intern Max from earlier in the year full time.

Siemens Mobility at InnoTrans2018

Last summer we worked with Siemens Mobility to develop a serious game to promote some of their latest tech on board trains. The games were shown as part of the Siemens Mobility exhibition stand at InnoTrans2018. This is a big highlight for me as it was great to work with Siemens Mobility, they really understood the power of communicating serious content through game play. The simple game based learning product we developed was fun enough to draw people in to play it and serious enough to explain what the technology did.

Ufi VocTech Seed Grant – Dental Training App

Through our different projects, we find ourselves in many different industries and get to solve problems with fresh eyes. Nearly 2 years ago our intern Colette pointed out to us that the dentist industry could do with some modern approaches to training through digital techniques, like games. After a lot of market research and planning we saw a massive opportunity for serious games to play for dental nurse training. At the same time, we discovered the Ufi Charitable Trust had a call out and applied to the VocTech seed funding with the aim to get a great idea started. After our second attempt we are over the moon to have won the grant funding this year.

The project outline is to create a suite of mobile games to teach dental nurse training. Our aim is to make the training easier to digest, enjoyable to learn, accessible and cost effective. The grant funded stage allows us to develop 1 learning module to launch a commercial product, prove the concept and to get real world feedback to enhance for the future.

We will be announcing more about this exciting project very soon, early 2019, watch this space! Find out more about the Ufi Charitble Trust on their website

Actuate Motion v1.0 Released

In November we finally launched our first official release of Actuate Motion, the next generation motion software to support motion simulators.

The rapid expansion of VR and motion simulators has lead to a demand for a modern 64 bit plug-in architecture, one that can respond to the exciting and innovative uses of motion VR and we believe that this is it.

The first release already has support bundled for over 25 games, as well as support for developers creating their own titles, via Unity and Unreal Engine 4, or just via a C API.

Here’s to 2019!

We’ve put in a lot of hard work over the last few years and we have a great feeling about 2019 being a fantastic year.

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