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We’re delighted to announce our latest project Chomp, a suite of mobile games designed to help dental nurses learn all about their trade in a fun, non-reading books kind of way. (Sorry books, we still love you). We’ve been really keen to work on this project for a while, and thanks to support from the wonderful folks at the Ufi Charitable Trust, we’re finally able to do just that! So now for the first time, we present you Chomp, a radical new way to engage with educational content. Because when was the last time someone said their favourite part of their job was the mandatory education at the start? We want you to get your teeth stuck into a series of bite-sized challenging games that push your knowledge and reactions to the limit.

Chomp - The app that teaches serious dental content through game based learning. We're keeping the content light-hearted and goofy.

Chomp is being designed to help train Dental Nurses in all stages of their development. If you can’t face reading another stuffy textbook, or need a quick refresher, Chomp is the perfect partner to your dental career. Players will be able to get access to play Chomp for the first time when the pilot scheme launches in May, which you can sign up to here: The full release is scheduled for September, and will launch on iOS and Android Mobile Platforms.

How Can you get involved?

If you’re a Dental Nurse in training, sign up to the pilot scheme when it launches in May on our Chomp website If you’re in the Dental Industry we’d love you to fill out this quick survey, so we can get to the root of how you learn best. We want Chomp to be the best tool it can be help you master your dental knowledge, and with your feedback we’re certain we can make that happen.

We’d love to know what you think. Join the conversation through our social media, connect on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using @ChompDental

Ufi Charitble Trust

Ufi Charitable Trust funds projects that use technology to change the way adults in the UK access and develop the skills they need for work. Discover more on their website

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