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  • Janie Biddiscombe


It’s great when we can involve our kids in our work projects. They love seeing what we do and it’s nice for them to know that our day doesn’t consist of us (and I quote) “sitting around playing games all day”. The world horse trail gave us the perfect opportunity to show off our latest project to them and a great excuse to take them somewhere a bit different for the day.

The trail consists of 10 horse sculptures, all designed beautifully by celebrities such as Alan Titchmarsh, Martin Clunes OBE and Sara Cox and sculpted by the wonderful Judy Boyt MA FRBS SEA. Each horse is based on a real horse that the charity has helped and once you unlock a sculpture you find out all about the horse, the designers and the sponsors.

The first stop for the trail is the beautiful town of Eton and Windsor; so that’s where we headed. The app includes an interactive trail map to guide you around the town and to show you where the next sculptures are. So we used this to find our way around. It was always exciting when we saw the next sculpture off in the distance.

Windsor is such a beautiful town, and I loved the Castle looming in the background at every turn constantly reminding us that the Queen lives there.

Zoe and Chiquita

Zoe, our youngest absolutely loved doing the trail on the phone and she was so sweet talking to each horse about their story and what they’d been through, plus giving each horse a high five as we left.

Following the trail was great fun and seeing the horse sculptures in place gave me a real sense of closure as I felt like I already knew each horse from all the work I’d already done. Each sculpture was so beautifully designed and told the story of each horse and how the charity has benefited them. It gave me a real sense of pride as we walked round.

It was great working with Anneka and Brian from the World Horse Welfare on this trail. They had so much to do getting all the pieces in place in time for the launch, but they did it and my hat’s off to them! As always the project went right to the wire; with Dan and I sitting by the BBQ on Good Friday while sorting out some store upload issues.

I have been following the trail on Instagram using the hashtag #worldhorsetrail and the reactions from the public have been really positive. One lady took such a good picture of Jewel with her son I felt I had to contact her and this was her response – “it was a great way for us to see the sights of Windsor as tourists we liked the app, similar trails we have done before didn’t come with an app, this made it really easy to get around and interactive especially with us not knowing the area.” @nickyent

The World Horse Welfare have been so pleased with the results of the app and the extra functionality that it has given them. As well as making the trail a bit more fun and interactive, it gave them some interesting stats about how the trail was being used by the public. Windsor council found this info interesting as well because it showed then how the public was moving around the city.

They gave us a really lovely testimonial:

“Blueflame Digital made the whole process of developing this app so straightforward, incorporating all the ideas we had and adhering to our branding criteria. Their enthusiasm and ability to create a fun, interactive and educational platform to engage users throughout the World Horse Trail was second to none. The entire team were conscientious, understanding and adaptable throughout, and for that we thank them wholeheartedly.”

The World Horse Trail are a charity and do such amazing things for horses all over the world. It’s definitely worth checking out their website to see more about what they do.

Do you think a trail might be ideal to promote something you are working on? Then get in touch today, it would be great to work on it together.

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