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I’m pleased to say that Actuate Motion version 1.0.5 is now released and available for download!

When we first released version 1.0.0 back in November 2018, we had a single manufacturer on board, and around 25 games supported. Fast forward to today and we’re now looking at 40+ titles natively supported, and another manufacturer onboard!

The new manufacturer is called Delta Kinetic, and they offer truly excellent products. You can read more about our new partnership with Delta Kinetic, and see a video clip of me giving Mike from Delta Kinetic a hard time on their new simulator model here.

Delta Kinetic 4-DoF Motion Platform

This version also includes the first release of our enterprise solution: Actuate Motion Hub, to offer ease of use for installations with multiple simulators to control such as an arcade or training room.

We’re currently calling out to anyone that may run an arcade or training room with multiple simulators to get in touch, as we would like to chat to you!

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