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Driving is a part of our business, and by our, I don’t mean Blueflame Digital, I mean everyone. I think that most businesses rely on someone taking to the roads in a vehicle in some way, right from the workforce commuting to a workplace, all the way to delivering goods.

Can you afford to lose?

I wanted to concentrate on the latter end of that scale for this quick blog, transporting a cargo of some kind. Most times when people think about the consequences of a traffic collision, they think about the more personal consequences, such as the immediate consequences to the individuals involved in the accident, and their families. These are, of course the most obvious consequences, and often the most severe. I’m going to go a bit cold now and talk about the more material consequences.

If a vehicle drives off with one of your businesses cargos, do you ever stop and think how much is that worth to you? Could you afford to lose it? Can you afford to lose the vehicle?

The truth is, it’s entirely possible that the cargo will be lost. The thing is that there’s not just your drivers on the road, there’s all sorts of drivers from all sorts of walks of life, of varying abilities and experience, but all human, and humans make mistakes. These mistakes will often create a situation where a driver has a split second to react in the correct way. Your driver will likely do the best that they can to react in the correct way, however, how often have they actually experienced that situation? Probably not very often, so how in the world can anyone be expected to make a correct decision in a split second with no experience to fall back on? If it’s a new driver, they may have absolutely no experience. The correct outcome is going to be a gamble, and the stakes are pretty high.

Beat the house

The best way to combat this gamble situation is to give drivers experience. Some quick reference to give their gamble some sway in the right direction. There is a reason that drivers with a long driving history get cheaper insurance. They are simply a better bet as they have more experience, they are more likely to spot potential situations early from the warning signs, and they are more likely to react in a way that will avoid an accident.

So how do we get experience in these situations? Well, we get ourselves in those situations and learn from the consequences. In short, we practice. I’d say it’s probably not advisable in the real world where the stakes are so high, so why not get yourself a driver simulator and beat the odds in safety?

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