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It’s all about the bees, and how we are bringing digital tech to bring awareness of a growing environmental issue we all should be aware of. BEES!

We’re excited to be working with Becky Twigg from the Secret Garden in Salisbury, and producing an augmented reality mobile app called ‘Bee Trail’ to help promote awareness of bees.

Becky Twigg with the sponsors launching the Bee Trail AR App in the Secret Garden Salisbury.

Why do we need to be aware of bees I hear you say?

When you think of a bee, what do you think of? Bees live in hives and produce honey. A honeybee right? Well this was certainly my idea of bees, until I met Becky who explained a lot to me, and it quickly became apparent that the common knowledge of bees needed to be improved!

Bee Trail AR App

To help the bee awareness Becky has set up a bee trail around Salisbury, which initially has 12 bee stops which you can visit. Not only do you get a chance to get out and about exploring the local area, but at each point you will increase your knowledge about bees. This is where the Bee Trail AR App comes in. When you are at the bee point, launch the Bee Trail AR mobile app where you can point your phone at the marker found at the stop. The app will use augmented reality technology to detect the marker, and bring the bee point alive.

Download the app from the Google Play and Apple App Store…

Unlock them all!

There are 12 bee species to unlock in the app, you’ll need to visit every stop to unlock them all! To be able to unlock the bee species, you’ll need to point your phone at the bee stop marker, tap the spinning Bee Badge and you will be presented with an activity to solve. This is where you’ll learn about a new bee species, and once completed you will unlock and add the bee species to your collection.

Interested in Sponsoring the project?

The project has being very well received in the local area and a number of sponsors jumped on board straight away to get involved with an amazing project. There’s still opportunity for you to get involved and sponsor the project, it’s a great way to show your support not only for the bees but the local environment.

Get in touch here to find out how you can sponsor:

To find out more about the Bee City project, visit the website:

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