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  • Janie Biddiscombe


This Should be Easy

OK so we need some leaflets. That should be easy, we know what we do and how it could benefit the whole world.

Now try to put that into 3 or 4 succinct sentences which are clear to the reader and make them want to know more – that bit not so easy…

And don’t get me started on what images we should use!

Getting Started

We looked at a lot of leaflets to try to get an idea of which ones grabbed our attention and why.

  • Attention grabbing headlines

  • Cool images

  • Informative sentences which explained what they did and why it would benefit me

I think we started with a whole A4 side of points which we wanted to make. Benefits to the customer / Answering questions we thought they might have etc.

What I finally realised (with a lot of help from Dan and Rich), is that we don’t have to give all that info out in one little A5 piece of paper. We just need to give enough, to pique interest so they come to us to find out more.

Also… there are ways to say the same thing with a lot fewer words


More Pictures Please

For us the best way to explain what we do is with pictures. They basically speak for themselves! Plus they look pretty and grab attention. It’s the why it’s beneficial that we need to put into words.

Good Enough For Now

We also had to keep reminding ourselves that they just need to be good enough for now, and we can always redo them once we get some feedback and learn more.

So, we finally came up with our Blueflame Digital leaflet, edition 1. I image that there will be editions 2, 3, and 4 in the near future!

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