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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

It was an honour to be invited up to Leicester this week to visit the Leicestershire Fire & Rescue service for the launch and unveiling of the latest innovation they have brought to the table for their continuous effort to promote road safety.

Dan has been working closely with Delta Kinetic, Rivr, Novatech, and Paul Speight from Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service to help deliver an entertaining and educational experience to push forwards with road safety innovation in the fire service.

The star of the show was the "Hazard Express", which comprises of a fully decked out panel van housing 6 Atomic A3 motion simulators, 6 Pico VR headsets, a local area network and powerful laptop to create a unique experience to raise road safety awareness.

The experience boasts 6 safety films that covers key points of road safety, to drive home the message that we need to make our roads as safe as possible.

Hazard Express - The Virtual Insanity Experience

Inside the Hazard Express, 6 motion chairs with VR headsets.

Through the day we partnered with Delta Kinetic demoing our EduDrive software with their latest 3DoF motion platform, a professional VR driver training solution for corporate fleet drivers and commercial vehicles.

Find out more about the motion platforms Delta Kinetic off here:

Dan and Rich demoing the EduDrive VR software with the Delta Kinetic 3DoF Motion Chair.

Something that is close to our hearts is that every project we are involved in, we aim to try and make the world a better place, make a difference no matter how small. We left Leicester filled with pride, realising the impact of these projects have on the real world. If they can save just 1 life, it's all worth it, that life could be yours.

Read more about what the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue had to say about the day here:

Get in touch today to discuss how our VR and driver training solutions can help your business, email or give us a call on 01722 568 946.

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