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Working for a company that writes software, unsurprisingly means that I spend a good deal of my time sat at my computer, doing office type activities such as, well, writing software.

I was chatting to Tina Szucs from Atomic Motion Systems and she explained to me that Louis Edward was going to spend some time doing his work experience with them. Louis had done film making at school before.

Tina thought that Louis could help with a short testimonial type video, and also thought that Blueflame could be a good fit. We write software that uses the A3, so have gotten to know the product well, and like what we’ve seen. I agreed, but with the caveat that they understand that I fall firmly in the stereotype of “software nerd” and am uncomfortable in front of a camera!

Novatech are about a 20 minute drive from where I am based, and are another partner of Atomic. A plot was quickly hatched for the video to consist of taking the A3 apart, loading it up into my car, driving to meet Paul Hobbs at the Novatech showroom before reassembling and recording a quick testimonial.

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed getting out of the office and doing something a little different, and I’m sure that Louis enjoyed his work experience too. His exact words were: “Thank you for being a part of and helping to give me the opportunity to make this video for my work experience. If it weren’t for you, then I may have spent a week of my summer working in a lawyers’ firm.”

Anyway, here is the end result, I hope it helps to give you a little more of an idea of what is involved in using the Atomic A3.

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