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Serious Games

Here at Blueflame Digital we love games; we believe in the power of games and

their ability to engage with people.

People have been known to learn whole new worlds and rules to allow them to progress in a game. The ability for people to retain information in games shouldn’t be overlooked.

We want to bring that uniqueness to the serious world of learning. Allow the trainees to have fun, yet learn at the same time. Allow them to practise scenarios over and over until they get it right; then they can take those learnings into the real world.

Image Courtesy of Mike South. Taken at the Dice Saloon in Brighton

Road Safety One area where we are particularly keen to make a difference is with road safety. There are too many stories in the news at the moment where one moment of distraction can lead to people’s worlds being destroyed. We’ve all done it and the more we get away with it the more we believe it won’t affect us.

The Fatal 4 I was recently talking to Sergeant Rob Heard about this very topic. Rob is the Road Safety Sergeant for Hampshire Constabulary and he talks a lot about the fatal 4. 1 – Speeding 2 – Using a mobile while driving 3 – Driving under the influence of drink and drugs 4 – Not wearing a seatbelt

Along with The Blue Lamp Trust, based in Eastleigh, we’ve been working really hard on creating driving software that will highlight those dangers and to show people that distractions can kill.

Rob Heard talking about Road Safety

Getting User Feedback

On Thursday 24th November we took our full motion driving simulator and road safety software along to demo at the Southampton Business show. We were excited to show people what we’ve been working on and talk about how we believe it can make a difference.

By using a simulator we can not only show people the dangers and highlight the hazards, but allow them to actually experience them.

Over the coming months, I will be creating a series of blogs detailing how we believe the software can be used to tackle this very serious cause. Starting with number 1 of the fatal 4!

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