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Serious Games


As children we learn about the complex world around us through games and play. Why as adults do we stop using these powerful tools?

Combining your serious business needs and the power of learning through games, we develop serious games to deliver key learning points in an engaging way.

We deliver serious games on multiple platforms and hardware setups.  From mobile  games to PC, virtual reality to driving simulators, we’ve got it covered.

That’s what games are, in the end. Teachers. Fun is just another word for learning.
Raph Koster A Theory of Fun for Game Design

Enjoy learning!

It’s sad to say that the majority of learning in the work place isn’t fun! If you enjoy learning, you’ll have higher motivation to learn and come back for more!

With a well developed serious game, you can immerse people and have them learn new skills without realising.

Safe environment for high risks

Nothing takes away from real world training, in real situations, but there are times when endangering people whilst training isn’t a good thing!

In a game you can make mistakes, take high risks, learn from making decisions. Exposing people to potential scenarios, and to allow them to repeat them over and over, can prepare them for when it happens for real.

Save training costs

Once in place you can repeat your training over and over at no extra cost.  With our digital products you can distribute your training to where you need it.

Swiftly repeat scenarios and key learning points safely with progress tracking. With continual assessment opportunities, you can keep an eye on what works well and what doesn’t.


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