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Getting ready for the Blue Lamp Trust annual conference
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Getting ready for the Blue Lamp Trust annual conference

On the 17th June, we’ll be joining our friends at the Blue Lamp Trust, to exhibit at their annual conference. The plan was to take along a full motion driving simulator with some software that is (hopefully) relevant to the target audience.

We figured that there may be a fair few people that drive vans for their work, or run fleets etc., so we’ve been busy getting together a demo where you get to drive a van around a simple course. There’s a bit of weaving through cones, and bins, and we’ve also thrown in a skid pan for good measure!

To add a bit of competition, and hopefully interest, we’re timing the assault course, with penalties for driving in to anything. Oh, and there will be a prize for the winner 🙂

Here’s a little sneak peek of me trying it out.


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