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Will Your Drivers Get It Right When It Matters?

Why would you bet your business on it?

Every time your drivers take to the the road, you’re taking a gamble with your cargo, your reputation, and ultimately your business. EduDrive helps adjust the odds in your favour.

EduDrive in action with motion chair and single screen

What's EduDrive?

EduDrive is a simulated driving experience designed to teach road safety.

It is created primarily for a UK environment, complete with UK road layouts and signage.

It is designed to be used with the latest motion simulator hardware, to add to the realism.

It has been created with the advice and support of Advanced Driving Instructors.


  • Save Lives

    • Highlight the dangers of real world distractions
    • Increase hazard awareness
    • Practise extreme situations safely
  • Save Money

    • Reduce insurance claims by allowing trainees to get used to the size of vehicle in a virtual environment.
    • Reduce risk of employee absence due to collisions.
    • Reduce risk of haulage loads being damaged due to uneducated driving.
    • Run the training when it suits you, meaning less time when your employees are away from their day jobs.
    • Assess driving skills to focus real world training to that which is needed.
    • Track trainee improvements.
  • Have Fun

    • Feel the difference – Learning that’s engaging and effective
    • Increased trainee engagement with increased information retention
  • Repeat

    • Safely make mistakes within easily repeatable scenarios
    • Learn from your mistakes without any personal risk


  • UK Roads

    • Accurate road markings and traffic signs
  • Hardware Integration

    • Developed for use with a full motion simulator, adding realism
    • Integrated with force feedback steering to really feel the road surface and grip levels
    • Integrated with Android mobile phone app to provide real world distractions
  • Different Vehicle Types

    • Vans, cars, buses, HGVs
  • Large Range of Scenarios

    • Teach hazard awareness
    • Assess current driving level
    • Teach vehicle control
    • New scenarios continually added
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence

    • Pedestrian behaviour and reactions based on real world observations.
    • Drivers react realistically, with different personalities.
  • Immersive

    • Support for VR headsets
    • Support for up to 3 high definition monitors

Partners and Clients

Want to know more?

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