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Nothing beats real world training, but in the real world we know that comes at a cost and isn’t always practical.  Take a look at the advantages of combining your training material with our motion driving software development…
Bluetrac Development

We build the software to your training needs

Customised 3D environments, vehicles, hazards, driving conditions and scenarios.

Compliment your current training programmes.

Reduce your trainee’s time away from their day jobs.

Instant feedback on trainee performance.

Full motion chair so you feel the difference

Increased trainee engagement with higher information retention.

 Save time and money by running the training where it suits you.

Train in the same world with multiplayer technology.

Run group sessions, so trainee’s learn from one other.

Practise makes perfect

Swiftly repeat scenarios and key learning points safely with progress tracking.

Practise driving different vehicles in any weather conditions.

Gain confidence before training on the road.

Continual assessment opportunities.


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