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Actuate Motion Version 1.0.5 Released

I'm pleased to say that Actuate Motion version 1.0.5 is now released and available for download! When we first released version 1.0.0 back in November 2018, we had a single manufacturer on board, and around 25 games supported. Fast forward to today and we're now looking at 40+ titles natively supported, and another manufacturer onboard! [...]
World Horse Welfare World Horse Trail

A family day at the horses

It's great when we can involve our kids in our work projects. They love seeing what we do and it’s nice for them to know that our day doesn't consist of us (and I quote) “sitting around playing games all day”. The world horse trail gave us the perfect opportunity to show off our latest [...]

How are we impacting the dental industry? … CHOMP!

We’re delighted to announce our latest project Chomp, a suite of mobile games designed to help dental nurses learn all about their trade in a fun, non-reading books kind of way. (Sorry books, we still love you). We’ve been really keen to work on this project for a while, and thanks to support from the [...]

The Openreach Salisbury Ultra Fast Broadband launch has been quite the experience…

“Would you like to be interviewed next week?” “Yes? What’s it for?” “Can’t tell you, someone will be in touch…” After some initial cloak and dagger conversations, this month we were lucky enough to be chosen as Openreach's local case study. As you may know, our main office is based in the centre of Salisbury. [...]

Some highlights looking back on 2018…

Of course it was another year of developing serious games and experiences, it's also been a year of taking a step back to re-evaluate and focus on building our business for the future. We even upgraded our office in Salisbury and have taken on our intern Max from earlier in the year full time. Siemens [...]

Actuate Motion Version 1.0.0 Released

Today we are excited to announce the first official release of Actuate Motion, the next generation motion software to support motion simulators. The rapid expansion of VR and motion simulators has lead to a demand for a modern 64 bit plug-in architecture, one that can respond to the exciting and innovative uses of motion VR [...]
InnoTrans2018 Siemens

How Siemens Mobility engaged their audience at InnoTrans2018

Back in the summer we were excited to work with Siemens Mobility to contribute to their exhibit stand at InnoTrans 2018, the largest rail event in the world. As big players in the rail industry, Siemens Mobility were representing their latest technology at the event, ranging from latest rolling stock to digital safety products and [...]

The big ask – would everything come together in time?

Moving goalposts So the aim was to build a prototype boat simulator. The motion platform was to have 6 degrees of freedom, and the software was to be a rigid inflatable boat that you could pilot around a choppy sea. It was to be ready to show by the end of November. It was a [...]
Bee Trail AR App

How are we helping create a BUZZ around the city of Salisbury?

It’s all about the bees, and how we are bringing digital tech to bring awareness of a growing environmental issue we all should be aware of. BEES! We’re excited to be working with Becky Twigg from the Secret Garden in Salisbury, and producing an augmented reality mobile app called ‘Bee Trail’ to help promote awareness […]

National Rail Innovation Awards 2017

And the Winner is…

A beautiful hotel in the heart of London; lots of excited people dressed to impress; a drinks reception plus Hugh Edwards it can only be the National Rail Awards 2017!   The drinks reception was absolutely packed, filled with mainly men in tuxedos.  At one point I did a circuit of the room trying to [...]