Developing serious games for your organisation’s training and marketing

Serious Games

Playing games is one of the best ways to learn. We are passionate about applying this principle for serious purposes in business and training.

By converting your learning material in to a game, you’ll increase engagement with higher memory retention.

Gear VR Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

The future is here! Whether you are after a short portable demo or a full immersive experience, we develop products to suit a wide range of needs.

If you haven’t tried it yet, then you should. Speak to us about a demonstration of how we can develop an experience for you.


Driving Simulation

Do you deliver driver training? We develop driving software with a motion chair and force feedback steering wheel to take your training up a level.

Expanding your existing training, we can increase immersion with a higher learning impact.


Meet our core team, start a conversation, we love talking about what we do.
Dan Hatch
Director / Programmer
“Passionate about creating beautiful clean code and elegant solutions.” 
Rich Lloyd
Director / Programmer
 “Love working on games and bringing software alive with fluid interactivity… anything is possible.”


Janie Biddiscombe
Project Consultant
“Loves people and tech, so being able to work with both – perfect! 

Believes that all industries can benefit from using gaming tech in ways they never thought possible”

Nick Galaxy
3D Character Artist
“Artist/Animator/Designer, Medievalia enthusiast, lizard owner, beard evangelist.” 
Tom Parrish
“2D concept artist and graphic designer. Mecha obsessed science fiction fan and roller derby player.” 
Oli Carson
Unity Developer
“Whole lotta love for producing fun and interesting projects. I jam action games in my spare time.” 
Mike South
3D Artist
 “It’s great to be building virtual worlds that benefit the real one.”